Green the Planet

Green the Planet

Time to make changes

Time to rethink and motivate others

Connect to your voice

Time to voice your opinions 

Time to plant a tree

Time to plant many trees

Natural solutions are available to us right now

Do not wait for an Other to save us  because no one else is coming

You and I are the Ones of our time and we all have our part to play

Time to take action and be the change needed in the world

© Jacquie Walker


What are people talking about? Spiritual Awakening

What are people talking about? Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual  Awakening – What do people mean when they talk about “Spiritual Awakening”? Is it the same as Spiritual Enlightenment?


An Awakening occurs when an individual transcends the confused and frightened self and leaves their ego at the door, becoming aware of their higher consciousness, living from a place of unconditional love, responding from a place of inner calm and love to others and life’s circumstances.

A spiritual Awakening should not be confused with “enlightenment”, that may be defined as an intellectual understanding of higher religious principals.

As you awaken and reach higher states of consciousness, you begin to own your power. You will find that your state of wellbeing is not affected by the actions of others – rather you will have an awareness and a considered response.

Joy to the World

Joy to the World







wake up to wonder and joy within

live your joy today

open your heart to your loved ones

connect to the energy of the moment

rejoice in the innocence of the children

laugh at the antics of your neighbour’s dog

sing with the birds as dawn transforms darkness into light


live today as if it were your last

encourage someone who is feeling down

smile and share your inner being with another

open to receive love from those who love you

celebrate the joy of living in this moment

share your smile with a stranger

and tell that someone special in your life you love them

© Jacquie Walker 2019

Balancing Life’s Challenges


What knocks you off BALANCE?

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When you are stressed you are out of balance and this often manifests as resistance and reactive behaviour in your interactions with others.

When we feel that we have limited control over events in our life and things are not working for us, we try to make a correction to overcome what is causing us to be out of balance. Often those around us bare the brunt of temper and or resistance when they inquire about how we are going.

It may be there are competing needs and timelines that are clashing. This is the most common cause of stress. If you can minimise the clashes then there is less stress.

Common stressors are those deadlines – those jobs and tasks that we have been putting off because we had plenty of time before they were due… but now, when you check your diary  – it is looming fast and you wonder what happened to all that time. I am sure that many of you can relate to this.

Plan for Success

Keeping a weekly diary can see tasks buried until we arrive at that week in real time. Planning ahead and prioritising your tasks can be helped by keeping a monthly or yearly planner. It helps to see what is coming up and enables you to plan your time more effectively.

Underestimating time can also be the cause of stress. It is always in your best interest to allow more time than you think you need for a job to allow for interruptions and unexpected delays to your schedule.

Finishing a job ahead of time gives you personal satisfaction and something to celebrate It feels great. 🙂


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Walk your talk and shine your light in the world



You have the right to be here.
You have the right to dream big.
You have the right to have success.
You have the right to be loved.
You have the right to shine your light brightly.
You have the right to celebrate and be celebrated.
You have the right to expect more than you can yet begin to imagine.

You are Unique and the is No one like you in the entire Universe.
Imagine and visualise the life you want and create it.



Are you an Empath?

Are you an Empath?

Life is a journey of remembering and connecting with who we are. My own life was very confusing until one day someone asked me if I was an Empath – and guided me to find out more.

Do you crave to be alone and want to close down from all the “noise” around you? Do you need to just leave crowded spaces so you can breathe? Or when you are at a shopping centre do you feel like a weight is dragging you down and you begin to feel drowsy and feel the need to run? Do you sometimes identify with another’s pain and feel it so intensely that it feels like your own?  What you are experiencing may be an indicator that you are Empath.

If you are experiencing any of the above – know that you are not alone. There are 1000’s of people who feel this way.

Sometimes the energy that we walk into is just to much for us to handle. Some may say, ” Get over it”, but it but you know that it is not that simple.

“I just feel and know things  about people – and I can’t explain why!”

You might also know that you just know things about others that you can not explain. You might find that you have really strong reactions around certain people for no apparent reason.  Or you might find you are really drawn to make comment about something to someone you do not even know – but you are compelled and just have to voice the message you receive.

If you experience any of the above then you might like to read some more about what it means to be an Empath.–7-Signs-Youre-an-Empath

If you want to ask more or share your experience leave a comment.

in love and friendship





Visioning the Future


Living PathwaysLIvingPathways

Visioning Future Pathways 



Dreaming, sharing and collaborating with others, sharing passion and vision for future pathways.

Find the way through the maze of confusion and create a blueprint for success.

Vision the way, and receive the tools to  create success in all areas of your life your through tapping into your heart centred consciousness.

If you are interested and would like more information then email me or leave a comment


Falling out with loved ones and friends – Make amends and Make up


Disappointments are part of daily life. Sometimes we lose something that is precious or hurt someone we love. Worse still sometimes someone we love lets us down and we feel hurt.  In response, we can begin to feel angry and resentful. In our imagination we can magnify the disappointment and hurt feelings making it really significant until it is dominating our entire life view that impacts on every aspect of our day.  This leads to more anger and rage inside and we lose our happiness – as everything feels wrong in our world view.  We push people away and very often do not allow the very significant loved one to come back to us and make up with an explanation or apology.

Let it go... Take a moment to breathe. Be in the moment.

If you have hurt a friend or someone you love,  talk to them and make amends as best you can. Be honest and don’t avoid the issue. Listen to them and allow them to share with you everything they need to – uninterrupted.  Then let them know how you are feeling… Don’t try and justify your actions. Be sincere. Sometimes a card or a gift helps us to start the conversation, or even just a email.

If you have been hurt by someone you trusted and love then let then know how their actions have made you feel. Be prepared to listen. Often the other person involved is feeling just as bad as you are feeling. Remind yourself of your love and friendship and what it means to you. You might like to make contact. It is always best to wait until you are no longer full of emotion, whether it be anger fear or sadness.

Setting boundaries with loved ones is something we often do not think about . Talking though the issues is a really opportune time to make clear respectful boundaries  – what is ok and what is not ok.

Friendship is a precious gift and is something not to be taken for granted.

Don’t let pride and emotions and exaggerated thoughts destroy relationships with loved ones


Gift of a Smile


A smile is a gift that lifts the spirit. When you receive a smile it lifts your spirit and in that instant brings joy and a lightness of step. A smile can alleviate the pressures of stress.  IT is  a gift that is priceless – money can not buy. To receive a Smile is a blessing that brightens your day and fills you will an inner glow… and almost always sparks a reciprocal response. A smile from a friend is affirming and deepens our connections and feelings of belonging. A gift most precious is the Smile from a stranger – a tiny shared moment of recognition can change our mood for the day.

Best of all you can give this gift to yourself… try it the next time you stand in front of the mirror as you comb your hair brush your teeth or wash your hands. Look into your eyes and see the light that shines as you smile back at yourself.

How many gifts of a smile did you share with another today? If you are not sure – notice the next time you go out. 🙂 smileyface