Gift of a Smile


A smile is a gift that lifts the spirit. When you receive a smile it lifts your spirit and in that instant brings joy and a lightness of step. A smile can alleviate the pressures of stress.  IT is  a gift that is priceless – money can not buy. To receive a Smile is a blessing that brightens your day and fills you will an inner glow… and almost always sparks a reciprocal response. A smile from a friend is affirming and deepens our connections and feelings of belonging. A gift most precious is the Smile from a stranger – a tiny shared moment of recognition can change our mood for the day.

Best of all you can give this gift to yourself… try it the next time you stand in front of the mirror as you comb your hair brush your teeth or wash your hands. Look into your eyes and see the light that shines as you smile back at yourself.

How many gifts of a smile did you share with another today? If you are not sure – notice the next time you go out. 🙂 smileyface

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