Become Authentically You

Become Authentically You

Do you give your power away?

It’s never too late to take back your power. Commit to developing the qualities and mindset of a winner and be alert, connected and responsive in everything you do, regardless of the situation.

Being true to your beliefs and living by your values is not always easy. It takes courage and conviction.  To disagree with a stranger is not so difficult, however when it is a friend or family member it is more difficult. This is because you place value on their love and friendship and you may risk losing something if you do not agree or ally yourself with them. Not everyone is going to say nice things about you so it’s not surprising when people are mean about things. Your self-worth should involve more than just the opinions of others because all too often other people present themselves to be far more important than they actually are!

When someone is out of alignment with their core values, they give their power away.

When a person reacts negatively with anger or frustration, they give their power away. When blame is directed towards another the individual is allowing the other to shape their reality and responses in that moment through reactiveness. They have given away their power.

There are many ways we give away our power. Being popular isn’t everything. Be true to what makes you happy and don’t apologize for how you want to look, feel or act. Take time out of each day to make things happen for yourself by choosing not taking on anyone else’s problems as your own. Complaining all the time won’t help you achieve anything except getting stuck in a rut.

When you are in alignment with self you feel calm and life flows easily.  You get more of what you desire.

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