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Tiger Energy

Tiger Energy

Celebrating a new year is something we all love to experience with friends and family, and the beginning of the Chinese New Year is one that we are more engaged with now as we have grown into a more multi-cultural society. The feng shui practitioners give us insights into the energetic frequencies that influence our lives. Some may think it is hocus pocus but I believe there is truth and wisdom in these teachings.

We have always been influenced by energetic frequencies and the Chinese feng shui readings for the year – which is related to an animal and physical elements earth water wood fire and metal is a long-time practice of reading these unseen energies. This is ancient wisdom that is being shared and therefore, worth taking note of if you want to have a happier and easier time during the year.

The year of the Tiger comes around 12-year cycles, and it is one to take notice as it brings with it transformation and change. Tiger energy will bring large energy shift and transformation – and this prediction is backed up with historical events from past cycles. AND  this will include earth changes that will affect our planet such as earth quakes, floods and volcanic activity. 2022 is likely to bring bigger changes that we imagine.

So, get ready. I found this article online that talks about luck and bad luck. You might like to take a look. Most remedies can be made – so don’t feel like you have to go spending big money for the remedies suggested.

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A Gift Most Precious

A Gift Most Precious

There is a little green box, it is small and shiny

it has a gold ribbon with a bow on its lid.

The lid gently pried reveals a gift most precious

a tiny quartz crystal that holds the love of a friend.

In alone times it is sought and brings comfort in solitude

and rekindles the knowing and feeling of love within

bringing hope and light where there is darkness 

Great Spirit caresses my soul and my spirit soars.

© Jacquie Walker Nov 2008

Never under estimate acts of kindness and friendship… especially in these time when many are separated by distance. Having a small keepsake that holds your energy and is a reminder of the love and friendship shared can be a real comfort in times of duress and lonliness.

Stay intouch with those you care about . If there is someone you love and have not connected in a while make the effort.