Death and Grief

Death and Grief

Death comes to all

So sad that the time to say goodbye in this reality came all too soon . Death called Mr Bimbi from us and was relentless in pursuit.

Heart felt tears flowed as we said goodbye to this gentle soul as he left his body. And what is left is an emptiness in my world that was full before with love and joy and an exuberant life force . The laughter and smile as we set out on a walk in the park or when a duck treat was on offer.

Blessed I was to have this special being in my world for 14 earth years and during that time he was my loyal forever friend who was always by my side and ready to follow my lead.

I hope that he found my beautiful Dad waiting for him. He too was visited by Death this very year.

Walking forward new adventures at foot but Mr Bimbi will always be with my in my heart of memories.

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