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Love – is a jewel to be treasured and respected

Love – is a jewel to be treasured and respected

Loving another is the greatest blessing

Being in love with another is an even greater blessing

To share your self and life experience with those you love is a gift and not something to be taken for granted. Love is the strongest bond and comes with responsibility. In allowing another to step into this inner world the ones we love allow us to step behind their protective armor and meet them at their  most vulnerable. This is such an honour and privilege. This is also the gift you give to them so it is reciprocal in nature.

Never take love for granted as wounded love is often unforgiving and the hurt runs deep. Sometimes you may be gifted a second chance – but scars do remain. Take time to tend to your loved ones needs and to grow together as the months and years pass with those you love.

May LOVE bless you and your relationships.