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Tiger Energy

Tiger Energy

Celebrating a new year is something we all love to experience with friends and family, and the beginning of the Chinese New Year is one that we are more engaged with now as we have grown into a more multi-cultural society. The feng shui practitioners give us insights into the energetic frequencies that influence our lives. Some may think it is hocus pocus but I believe there is truth and wisdom in these teachings.

We have always been influenced by energetic frequencies and the Chinese feng shui readings for the year – which is related to an animal and physical elements earth water wood fire and metal is a long-time practice of reading these unseen energies. This is ancient wisdom that is being shared and therefore, worth taking note of if you want to have a happier and easier time during the year.

The year of the Tiger comes around 12-year cycles, and it is one to take notice as it brings with it transformation and change. Tiger energy will bring large energy shift and transformation – and this prediction is backed up with historical events from past cycles. AND  this will include earth changes that will affect our planet such as earth quakes, floods and volcanic activity. 2022 is likely to bring bigger changes that we imagine.

So, get ready. I found this article online that talks about luck and bad luck. You might like to take a look. Most remedies can be made – so don’t feel like you have to go spending big money for the remedies suggested.

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Balancing Life’s Challenges


What knocks you off BALANCE?

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When you are stressed you are out of balance and this often manifests as resistance and reactive behaviour in your interactions with others.

When we feel that we have limited control over events in our life and things are not working for us, we try to make a correction to overcome what is causing us to be out of balance. Often those around us bare the brunt of temper and or resistance when they inquire about how we are going.

It may be there are competing needs and timelines that are clashing. This is the most common cause of stress. If you can minimise the clashes then there is less stress.

Common stressors are those deadlines – those jobs and tasks that we have been putting off because we had plenty of time before they were due… but now, when you check your diary  – it is looming fast and you wonder what happened to all that time. I am sure that many of you can relate to this.

Plan for Success

Keeping a weekly diary can see tasks buried until we arrive at that week in real time. Planning ahead and prioritising your tasks can be helped by keeping a monthly or yearly planner. It helps to see what is coming up and enables you to plan your time more effectively.

Underestimating time can also be the cause of stress. It is always in your best interest to allow more time than you think you need for a job to allow for interruptions and unexpected delays to your schedule.

Finishing a job ahead of time gives you personal satisfaction and something to celebrate It feels great. 🙂


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